I got the Blitzkrieg Blues
I been sleepin' in my shoes
even if I win I lose
so I'm gonna take a walk

she gives me excitations
in a good location
but it's a strange situation
up and down the block

well, I'm much too wild
to stay in school
I gotta find a new place
where the kids are cool
come and go with me now
tell me whatcha wanna do?

it's a Summertime heat wave
but I don't wanna be saved
I'm a drivin' down a highway
to the very last stop

honey, take a look at me now
I think that anyone can see now
I 'aint sweet like yer candy, baby
or yer soda pop

repeat chorus

she's putin' on her lipstick
and I'm pullin' out the dipstick
and the radio's playin'
the Blitzkrieg Bob

and the night's almost over
but I only wanna hold her
and if this Goddamn car wont start
then, I guess, we'll walk, oh yeah
repeat chorus



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Belt Drive Record Club Portland, Oregon

BDRC is a fledgling record label intent on bringing fans great original content from an array of talented songwriters.

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